I find art inside of the complicated, and create stories that enable brands to stand apart from their competition.

All while taking awesome aerial photos along the way.


Ebook 1: Using Drones for Aerial Photo

My original longform photo ebook is here and available free!  Design by Jered Garrisson, words by Roger Sollenberger and yours truly, photos by an amazing talented lineup of friends and collaborators. I'm proud to present the ultimate guide to aerial photography. Something for everyone, from beginners to pros to those who simply appreciate beautiful photos.  Enjoy!


Ebook 2: Getting Serious About Aerial Photo

My second ebook, featuring

- Interviews and portfolio features with top drone photographers around the globe
- Guides for panoramas, aerial lighting and aerial photography composition
- Part 107 and legality breakdown
- Real Estate/Construction work deep dives


Full links to my artistic projects.


As'aiyahatl - COMING SOON

Stay tuned, releasing later this fall!


Aerial photography and videography in Norway.


Aerial photography and videography in New Zealand.

What I do. 

I’m a marketing executive specializing in sales-driven solutions for high-tech products, both domestically and globally. I’ve led marketing teams at two technology companies that produced both hardware and software: TrackingPoint & 3D Robotics.

As Vice President of Marketing at 3D Robotics, I lead a 16-person marketing and flight operations team that launched two consumer drone products and two enterprise drone products (one hardware, one software). Our biggest project was the launch of Solo: The Smart Drone, which took 3DR from a handful of retail locations in the US to 1500+ stores in 22 countries.  Along the way, I also turned into a power user; all the aerial photos on this site I shot and edited myself. It has become quite the passion for me.

Before Austin, New York

Before my time in technology, I worked agency-side as the Creative Director at Brandsway in New York City. Along with sister company indieFORK, our team managed public relations, social media and events for major hospitality and beverage brands including Red Bull, Ciroc, Absolut, Grey Goose, and others. Our specialty was events — we executed pop-ups, concerts, hospitality suites, tradeshows, and remote presences at major cultural events globally. These included Sundance, Cannes, Project, Art Basel, Scope, The Grammy’s, the Super Bowl, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion week, and many more.  

As Creative Director, I led the charge on design and social media campaigns and was part of the managing team for coordinating sponsor presences, influencers, and talent across accounts. 

Before 3DR, I was Director of Marketing at TrackingPoint, an Austin engineering startup. TrackingPoint produces optics systems for firearms sold in outdoor retail channels, directly to high-net-worth consumers, and B2B to government and private companies.  

There I managed a small team that was responsible for brand, content, PR and lead generation for B2B and B2C. In my two years leading the team, we doubled revenue each year, and our lead generation models accounted for 95% of all company revenue. My team generated 6 million views on YouTube, while federally restricted from advertising the products online. Our initiatives hit the front page of reddit and we even got 1m+ video views for our Google Glass hacking project.

My aerial video reel from travel and work over the last year is below.  Enjoy and share if you like it!


Australia, Belize, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Tahiti, Sweden, UAE, UK, US.


The abandoned metropilis' of China, Bali, Bolivia, Brazil, Croatia, Iceland, Mykonos, Russia.


Gear - 3DR Solo, Sony A7S, Inspire X5

Editing - Snapseed, Lightroom

Jawns - Kith, Filling Pieces, Palace. 


Media Redefined, Trendland, Coolhunting, The Ringer



Let's Dive Deeper

I’ve represented all of my employers in front of media. I’ve interviewed as a material expert for over two dozen publications in print, online and on television.

Features include   Ars Technica, The Blaze, CBS, CMO.com, CNBC, CNET, Fox News, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, VICE Motherboard, Xconomy, and many more.  This has all led to my recent passion for presenting in front of people; talking about technology, marketing and everything in between.


Let me know what I can do for your brand!  You can inquire about photography, speaking and consultation at oren (at) lifeafteranalog (dot) com.

INSTAGRAM - @orenmeetsworld


Nøkken is a collection of video showcasing landscapes thoughout Norway, including areas around Oslo, Loften & Årdal

A video of aerials I shot via drone around all of New Zealand for Travel & Leisure



oren (at) lifeafteranalog (dot) com