Going a Little Wild in Lightroom with Leica… Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

I walked from the Ferry into San Francisco from Larkspur to my first meeting at the Grand Hyatt, and shot a series of underexposed photos with the Leica M 240 and the 40mm f2 Leitz. My focus was the awe-inspiring architecture of downtown San Francisco. I wanted to try something different with architectural photos, and had no idea where to start. I find in this scenario, it’s best to just shoot ANYTHING that comes to mind, and see what ideas happen in the results.  I used to spend too much time trying to concept before shooting, now I find the best ideas come by just letting loose.    A few shots into taking photos in the city, I captured one of the buildings underexposed, and immediately said “I can try to really effect these in Lightroom if I keep shooting underexposed” and that was that.  The series that ensued is here.

The obsession online in Youtube and article comments with great photography and perfect composition, and the open disdain for “VSCO” looks always bothers me.  With the Leica M240 I have a beautiful camera with great range, and awesome utilities to try things with.  If you can make anything you consider cool, beautiful or interesting with your tools, do it.  And if you take photography too seriously to not appreciate the camera as a creative tool, especially a Leica, we’ll just never be on the same page.  Flip through the pages of fashion or art editorial and you’d be surprised at how far the creativity and desire to experiment might take you whether personally or professionally.

My lens had gotten dusty, likely from shooting off the Ferry on the ride over, and I would have been very concerned if shooting for a client, but didn’t mind it as part of the look of a creative project.

Don't be afraid to create for yourself, embrace things that you think are awesome.