Weekend 2 With the Leica M240

I’ll write more about this at a later date, but I wanted to try and work to become good at several styles/types of photography as part of my Lecia ownership.   

One of my inspirations on Instagram is Ted Gushue, who works for Petrolicious and leads a life of documenting cars, watching and fine gentlemanly activities with his Leica and Voigtlander f 1.5 50.

Many of my friends are into the Austin vintage car and motorcycle scene, and my neighborhood is also full of vintage vehicles, so I wanted to learn on what was around me. My hope was to begin shooting fun vehicle photos as I found them, and hopefully work up to shooting fancier items.  Austin is a great town for this, with regular biker rallies, vintage car shows, VW van meetups, and an F1 track on the outskirts of town.

This weekend also marked an important transition in the Leica journey… My wife, sensing my excitement and seeing the quality of the photos, wanted to get her hands on the camera.  We spend a few moments discussing manual focus, tossed the lens to wide open at f/2, selected Aperture Priority, and she was off the the races.  One of her first shots is one of my favorites on the camera so far.  Best part?  She’s hooked, and asking questions that are quickly leading to her becoming practically versed in the M240’s functionality.   We took the camera out on our weekend activities… Coffee at Toms, dinner with a friend at Fresas, and both of us worked hard to capture fun photos of the family.