This project was named after the Maori legend of Taniwha, guardian monsters that reside in water and appear as sharks, whales or even dragons.   I was traveling to New Zealand for work with a close friend also at the company, we had a few hours a day of training and meetings, and the rest of the time had planned to test out new drone software and shoot content.  One of our co-workers back in Texas passed away on our second day, and my friend, who was very close with him, left to attend services while I finished the trip.   Over two days I covered a huge amount of ground near Auckland and Queenstown exploring with my Solo drone.  The dramatic sense of perspective exploring many of these places completely alone was transformative, you begin to experience and feel remote places in a completely different way with just yourself and your thoughts.  Add in the element of exploring from the air, and it became almost spiritual.  I wanted to capture the isolation of the moments, standing alone on black sand beaches, sitting on the corners of coasts, driving into the clouds.